Supportive Community Connection Opportunity #5

Supportive Community Connection Opportunity #5 With Our Team at A Garden For Wellness

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Sunset Tree

Adapt, Adjust and Accommodate to these recent changes. We are interested in how you are. The connection will include education followed by a guided meditation on

Tuesday,  4-28-20 at 4:30 pm. Zoom ID 503930522 or click HERE password 162397

Listen to a short Deana talk with a guided meditation from 3-24-20 HERE

In the face of the shelter in place being lifted for our state, we are called to make a new decision. We have agreed as a group of professionals to follow the advice of the most current science around COVID-19 and not reopen for the time being. While our information is coming from a variety of sources, here is one that you may find useful.

We will continue to monitor the information, talk to MDs in the field, and hear from our professional organizations.

When you say? When we can create a safe environment for our staff, clients, patients, and ourselves. As soon as possible.

In the meantime, please use our online services. Healing knows no boundaries and can happen with focussed attention and connection. Miracles are happening online.

Even though you cannot get close to or touch the sun, it has a major impact on you, the foods you eat, your mood, the shade of your skin and your immune system. The same is true for our healing modalities.

Take a class

We are offering yoga, and pilates online. Qi Gong in Pitts Park. To sign up for a class go to
Antahsara Yoga
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Cooper is available to assist you with this transition and any other issue you may be grappling with.

Pain Integration Experience

Dr. Deana will guide you through a process that will assist you with physical and/or emotional pain.

Somato Respiratory Integration

Dr. Deana will teach/guide you through the exercises of the 12 stages of healing.


Dr. Deana is available to guide you through a proper nutritional protocol for your current needs.

Just call our office and leave a message if you are in need of an appointment or supplements. (706) 754-8899.

We miss you and love you and look forward to our return.

We're all the cutting edge of this together so how can we make your experience better? Please let us know HERE

We surrender our garden to the divine. May all thoughts, words and deeds be for the highest good of all in all the times and all the realms.Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Inner Yoga Journey May 2020


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