Network Spinal in Clarkesville

This evidenced based technique will assist you in discovering, transforming and awakening your life. If you are ready to stop trying to get rid of your symptoms and start learning how to resource your own healing mechanisms in a bigger way, Network Spinal in Clarkesville is for you. As you reclaim your personal power and take new actions, tremendous energy becomes available and your contribution to yourself, your family, your community and the world will grow.

As you build the neuronetwork to your higher mind and tap into your heart space you experience more of your essence. This energy rich state allows you to know who you are, why you are here. It inspires you to live beyond the idea of yourself. Healing begins with connection. There are 3 different levels to Network Spinal.

Level 1: Discover

What you discover within can change your life! During this part of care your system will have the opportunity and training to learn or remember the strategy of a respiratory wave. When we are born our bodies breathe. As our systems succumb to more and more stressors physical, emotional and chemical, we tend to breathe out of the upper one third of our lungs. This survival breath is not efficient and does not inspire a thriving human being.

When our life presents a big stressor, our internal assessment software deems it unreasonable to fully integrate the experience. We shatter the energy of that experience like glass though out the system and especially the back of our minds - our spines.

There is an, other than conscious, decision by our operating systems to disconnect from the event and get on with our lives. This is great for the moment. It helps us avoid psychotic episodes, however it promotes the experience of living in survival. It also creates a loop in our nervous system. This event continues to play in the nervous system without our awareness. A far cry from thriving!

Level one provides the safety necessary for the energy of the stressors to become connected to consciousness. This respiratory wave is achieved when there is visible breath that rocks every vertebra from coccyx (the bottom of your spine) to occiput (the top of your spine) with breath. Would you rather sense the lion on the top of the hill or wait until it is breathing down your neck to know it is there?

Level 2: Transform

Transform the structure of your body/mind and the transformation follows. During this part of care your system will have the opportunity and training to learn the strategy of the somatopsychic wave and oscillation. This wave liberates the bound energy (stored from stressors; physical, emotional and chemical) and drives the energy to the nexus point of energy and matter.

This point is known as a gateway, and is where energy reorganizes to a higher more efficient expression. This phenomena is called oscillation. In the presence of oscillation people report an overall sense of wellness. In a study done at the University of CA, Irvine 76% of the participants reported improved quality of life including eating habits, exercise habits, relationships and jobs.

Level 3: Awaken

Awaken to the expansion presence and connectedness of the universe. During this part of care your system will have the opportunity to learn the strategy of the somatopsychic wave and oscillation as it travels above, below and through your heart. This powerful electromagnetic field offers the opportunity to entrain to your heart rhythm - the biggest rhythm of your body! When your heart runs the show, it is a much different channel than the survival channel.

“Listen with the ears of your heart, see with the eyes of your heart and feel with the essence of your heart” - Swami Sivananda

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