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At the very foundation of all health is nutrition. Most people searching for nutrition services in Clarkesville GA have trouble finding a program that works for them. Dr. Deana Brooksher uses a variety of testing methods: Nutritional Response Testing, Hair Analysis, Saliva and Stool samples to determine the best protocol for your health. She uses whole food supplements and dietary modifications to guide you to balance. Her favorite line of supplements is Standard Process. All of the products offered are high quality and whole food based.

With the right tool, at the right time, the impossible becomes possible. When the integrity of your cells is nourished, systems of physiology are supported, and when stressors are removed bodies heal.

Under Dr. Deana Brooksher's care: women having trouble getting pregnant have babies now, folks deprived of sleep are now resting through the night, kids with ADD/ADHD are not relying on narcotics to stay in school, diabetics are no longer contending with Diabetes, cholesterol levels have come back to within normal limits without the use of dangerous drugs, athletes recover from injury faster than usual, weight loss happens and more.

Nutrition Labs Offered at A Garden For Wellness

Dr. Deana Brooksher has studied functional medicine for two decades and uses a combination of kinesiology, labs and clinical experience to support the systems of your body through food, herbs, homeopathic remedies, whole food supplements and lifestyle coaching.

She uses high quality supplements from a variety of companies including but not limited to: Apex Energetix, Biotics, Energetics, Nutrametrix, Nutri- West, Standard Process and Thorne. When the integrity of the cells are compromised, injuries, dis-ease and disease happen. Most of these high-quality substances are only available to practitioners, have high standards for quality control and are patient outcome driven.

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It can be confusing to navigate the complex relationship between food and nutrition. The health experts at A Garden For Wellness in Clarkesville GA are always here to help you reach your goals if you need assistance.

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