March 2023 News

March 2023 News

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA March 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA A Garden For Wellness

A Gateway to the Extraordinary

Achieve your health and wellness goals with the variety of modalities that A Garden for Wellness has to offer.

The efficient and ecological use of your nervous system activates a lighter and freer YOU! Commit to Network Spinal as part of your wellness goals for 2023.

Regular movement classes (at least 2x/week) increases your happiness factor, inspires better eating habits and many more added bonuses. At A Garden for Wellness we have some of the best talent sharing energy and information about intelligent and beneficial ways to move your body in a beautiful, fun and safe environment. INVEST IN YOU!

See the class calendar and sign up for our movement classes HERE!

Important Updates

We welcome Vanessa as a permanent part of our team here at A Garden for Wellness! With this, we will have some changes to our offices hours. Make sure to see the schedule below.
Deana's Silversneakers Stretch and Strengthening Class is moved to Tuesdays at 2:00. Vanessa will continue to teach this class on Mondays as well.

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA March 2023 Calendar

Meet Maria Voisin-Corcimiglia, the newest addition to our list of talented instructors!

Maria is a NASM certified personal trainer, a Power Pilates 600 hr Full Comprehensive Certified Instructor, a Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer for over 15 years (1999- 2014), and she is Stretch Therapy Certified and Red Cord Trained. She has completed additional certifications in Myofascial Movement from Tom Myers, and Corrective exercise from NASM. Maria has been teaching Pilates since 2012.

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Trainer March 2023

Maria is patient, goofy, encouraging, and finds unique analogies to help her clients comprehend the movement and achieve their fitness goals.

Maria inspires her clients to shift the way they see their health, and their bodies. She is currently getting certified as a Health Coach through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). Her sincere purpose is to see her clients transform into their best selves. She goes beyond the session to encourage and support her clients to persevere.

Maria will be teaching Restorative Pilates on Wednesdays at 11:00am! See the graphic below for more details.

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Pilates March 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Silversneakers March 2023
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Meghann will not be teaching Kundalini on March 3rd, 17th, and 24th.
Deana will be covering for Meghann on March 3rd, 17th, and 24th. In place of Kundalini, Deana will be teaching a Chakra Yoga class on these days from 8:30-9:30am!

Deana's Silversneakers Stretch and Strengthening class has moved from Mondays to Tuesdays at 2:00! Vanessa will now be teaching this class on Monday.

See the graphics above about our new classes, Restorative Pilates with Maria and Silversneakers Joint Freeing, Strength, and Balance with Candy!

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Yoga March 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA SRI March 2023
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Saturday & Sunday

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