July 2023 News

July 2023 News

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA July 2023

A Gateway to the Extraordinary

Achieve your health and wellness goals with the variety of modalities that A Garden for Wellness has to offer.

The efficient and ecological use of your nervous system activates a lighter and freer YOU! Commit to Network Spinal as part of your wellness goals for 2023.

Regular movement classes (at least 2x/a week) increase your happiness factor, inspire better eating habits, and many more added bonuses. At A Garden for Wellness, we have some of the best talent sharing energy and information about intelligent and beneficial ways to move your body in a beautiful, fun, and safe environment. INVEST IN YOU!

See the class calendar and sign up for our movement classes HERE!


Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Cleaning Angel Chicken
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Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Cleaning Angel Flowers
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Cleaning Angel Tim

So much gratitude for our cleaning angels, fairies, devas, and humans. Our indoor humans are Melissa, Joyce, and Carey. Melissa comes when no one is there, week after week, and cleans our space. Melissa is a sweet soul that we appreciate so much! Joyce our office plant cherub so lovingly volunteers her time to keep our indoor plants vibrant and beautiful. Carey uses her superpowers to create the most gorgeous flower arrangement in all seasons, just by gathering and arranging the bounty of the earth. Our outdoor human is Tim. He inspires the earth and plant devas to blossom to their fullest, week after week in all seasons. We love what he's done with the place! So much gratitude to these humans who assist our garden to grow in beauty and love.

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Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Book Club July 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Path to More 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA SRI July 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Closed 4th of July 2023

July Class Updates

We will no longer be offering Vanessa's Monday Core Stretch class. Feel free to try our other Silversneakers classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

On Friday, August 4th, Robin will be teaching Candy's Joint Freeing Yoga Class.

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*By Appointment Only

11:00am - 6:00pm

11:00am - 5:30pm


11:00am - 6:00pm

9:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday & Sunday

*See Movement Classes Hours

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