January 2023 News

Janurary 2023 News

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA January 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA A Garden For Wellness

A Gateway to the Extraordinary

Achieve your health and wellness goals with the variety of modalities that A Garden for Wellness has to offer.

The efficient and ecological use of your nervous system activates a lighter and freer YOU! Commit to Network Spinal as part of your wellness goals for 2023.

Regular movement classes (at least 2x/week) increase your happiness factor, inspire better eating habits, and many more added bonuses. At A Garden for Wellness, we have some of the best talent sharing energy and information about intelligent and beneficial ways to move your body in a beautiful, fun, and safe environment. INVEST IN YOU!

See the class calendar and sign up for our movement classes HERE!

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Client Appreciation Week January 2023

At A Garden for Wellness, we are celebrating YOU during the week of January 23rd. In order to thank you for your time here, join us for free special classes throughout the week, as well as an afternoon social on Friday, January 27th from 4:30 to 6:30.

Friday, January 27th : 4:30-6:30pm
Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served! A time to snack and socialize with us and each other! Free for anyone who wants to participate!

Tuesday, January 24th : 1:30pm
Opening to Your Higher Self:
Come join Misty and explore a deep vision quest for turning into your higher self. Learn more about how to recognize the presence of guidance in our lives.

Wednesday, January 25th : 8:30am
A blend between yin and vinyasa styles of yoga. In other words, we will be focusing on the deep fascial network of the body along with building heat, energy & strength. This practice will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Friday, January 27th : 1:00-2:30pm
Come explore your heart's deepest desire and allow your imagination to flow free!
Join Tasha for some fun with an exploratory journey into your Sankalpa, your heart's deepest desire. We will be designing the life we long for through playful artwork and then plant a seed of our Sankalpa in yoga nidra. Come prepared to play and relax!

Sign up for these classes and the social on Vagaro!

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA SRI January 2023
Chiropractor Clarkesville GA Vanessa Gale
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA 6 Week Stretching


The following of Cindy's classes will be canceled:

  • January 3rd Qigong
  • January 5th Qigong

Vanessa's Vin Yin class time has shifted to 5:30-6:45pm on Mondays.

Linda and Cindy will be altering their stretch class. It will now be a 6-week program starting Tuesday, February 7th, 2023. For more information, see the graphic above.

Unfortunately, Susan will no longer be teaching at A Garden for Wellness. We apologize to her regular Pilates students and we hope to still see you here for classes.

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA January 2023 Doctor Coverage

"The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose."

- Arnold Bennett

Chiropractic Clarkesville GA Meditation Mondays January 2023
Chiropractic Clarkesville GA January 2023 Airbnb


*By Appointment Only

11:00am - 6:00pm

11:00am - 5:30pm


11:00am - 6:00pm

9:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday & Sunday

*See Movement Classes Hours

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